músicas do mundo nr1

Certamente não poderia faltar música neste blog!
Vamos lá, entre um post e outro curtir canções deste mundão afora.
Essa aqui em homenagem ao meu amigo viajante oficial, Rodrigo.



One Night In Rio

Louie Austen

"One, one night in Rio,  two, two days in LA
We had a short, a short stop in Moscow
But there was no time to stay 
We'll had to meet this promoter in New York 
So we met at the Hilton Hotel at the lobby 
We said we have to leave immediately to Germany
So we hired a cab,
When I saw the cab I thought I'll faint! because this little cab
Was jut a Mitsubishi, a shifted car,
I'm used to ridin' limousines, luxury cars, with all my stuff,
a minimum one suitcase, two pairs of shoes and three backup singers I'm used to this, I need this!
Anyway, this driver had no idea how to get to the airport,
'cause at the 14th street he took a left turn, instead of a right turn, and I was really mad at him which us:
Hey man we have to.. to be at the airport in a few moments!
So how hard can you do that!
'cause the flight, leaves, to Berlin!
One, one fancy cocktail
Two, two pieces of lemon
Three, three crying babies
And after four drinks, they wouldn't serve me no more…
Well after flying for seven hours in economy class
I was really mad, three crying babies
And no more liquor, and no sleep
So finally we arrived in Berlin
It was raining, of course
So nobody's picking us up
'cause where the hell are these guys?
But anyway, so let's go get the luggage
And we went down and, there was no luggage!
So I waited half an hour for my luggage
So I went down to the counter and said: excuse me, where is my luggage? We flew from New York to Berlin
So he looked into his computer, and he said:
Sir, it's on the way to LA

I had one, one, one bedroom apartment
There were two, two things on my mind
I want to go back , back to my luggage
I want to leave, leave this place behind

Ok, I'm sitting at the airplane to Los Angeles to get my luggage back
It's quiet and next to me there is a friendly guy from Morocco or somewhere
So we talk, and I wanted to show him the pictures of my boat, and guess what?
I find out, that I forgot my wallet in the apartment, in Berlin!
And here I am, no cash, no credit cards, not wearing a suit, for four days!
Suddenly, the nice guy beside me jumps up with a pistol in his hand!
Runs to the cockpit and demands that the pilot has to go to Rio de Janeiro!

One, just one night in Rio
Too, too tired to complain
Three, three stamps in my passport
For you it might sound funny
But I was in pain
All right after twenty six hours
We got rescued by the brazilian anti-terror squad
Nice guys by the way
Later at the gate, I see this BEAUTIFUL lady smiling at me
I go over there, and talk to her
And she, invites me to go to her house
Sounds like, there's a chance to shave

And is one, one night in Rio
We had two, two glass of champagne
And after three, three minutes of talking
We made love, again and again
Aagghh, its four o'clock in the morning and I'm getting a little rest
You know what I'll say, hah it was a rough night
My cell phone rings it's my agent Steve
He's telling me he's waiting on my boat in Malibu
with all my luggage Thank God!
Ready to go to Honolulu, I could dress, go to the airport,
pick up my ticket, because I have to go back, back to LA"

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